Oana Paraschiv

"Inteligenta este aroganta educata" - Aristotel
Oana Paraschiv
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Born: 5th of August,'78 2001 - gradua ted The Academy of Theatre and Cinema Art Theory and Criticism since 2003 - Exclusiv Owner for the royalties of Mister L.Ervin-Deutsch' s drama plays 2005-2006 - Theatre project: co-producer of the performance About the wonder since ever expected b y L.Ervin-Deutsch , Teatrul La Scena Work Experience since 2001 until today: Tv Producer, Literary Councelor Teatrul Maria Filotti - Braila, Literary Councelor Teatrul Mic - Bucharest , Journalist & Art Critic (chief editor) to some Romanian magazines, etc Hobbies: taking care of animals , phptos , arts
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